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Health vs Wealth - Building A Sustainable Future

True Sustainability will only be gained through monitoring and managing the health of your business! Businesses focusing purely on wealth will quickly find they are left behind!

For too long businesses have focussed purely on the wealth of their organisation. While this is understandable when they are a business with shareholders who are expecting a strong return, a focus purely on wealth can miss critical aspects of deterioration within the business.

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A Quantum View of Change Management

Each year there are more and more views on the "right" way to carry out change management in organisations. For the last few centuries we have seen the Newtonian view of the world take centre stage. This is viewing the business as a machine that can be separated into parts and managed accordingly.

More recently the systems thinking approach was developed. This approach sees the organisation as an entire system with many parts that make up the whole. Each part requires focus and attention and all parts are interdependent and cyclically linked.

Now there is an even broader and deeper perspective that needs to be considered. This new lens is the Quantum multi-dimensional view of the world that takes the level of interconnectedness and interdependence to a much more critical level.

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Performance management systems - do they work?

How often do we stop to review how effective our performance management systems are and if in fact they have a causal relationship with high performance or in fact whether it's part of our natural state for some people to perform better than others.

There has been some great behavioural research done in the last 50 years that doesn't appear to have made its way into the mainstream corporate workplace. Dan Pink the author of "A Whole New Mind" has put a great read together around what really motivates us to perform and shows that some performance management frameworks in fact drive us to lose our innovation and de-motivate us from performing at our peak

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The Ripple Effect of Communication

As we all know communication is critical to an organisation. What we often don't understand though is how well that communication is being sent and received! We often use the analogy of the ripple effect when we explain the impacts of communication. Most people are familiar with the ripple effect that emerges from a pebble being dropped in a pond. Well this is the same with communication. How well do you understand what type of ripple is being sent out when you communicate and how well it is being received?

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Try this simple exercise with your teams to understand more about how people communicate differently. Click here for exercise

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